Friday, October 27

What's the Problem: Their Breath!

We all love our puppies to death, I know I do! The one thing I would have to say I do not love is of course . . . their breath! Believe it or not the best thing to do is simply brush your dogs teeth. Go to your local vet and pick up toothpaste used for puppies or use any non-foaming tooth powder for humans. A normal toothbrush will work fine in combination to either of these methods.

The second best way to help prevent terrible dog breath is to give your puppy a nice hard doggie treat. These treats, although designed for teething, will do the trick quite will and cost very little. Click the link below to read more.

Sergeants Puppy Teething Bones 3 Pack

Monday, October 23

Pet Food: Jerky Treats

Want to reward your pup with a yummy treat? My dogs' favorite are Jerky Treats and my favorite too when you buy in bulk! Amazon, believe it or not, offers a great deal on these doggie snacks as they come in an 8 pack value bundle.

Jerky Treats, Beef, 11.25-Ounce Packages (Pack of 8)

Owning A Dog On A Budget

The following article has some great tips for dog owners who have a tight budget. It was written by Randy Jones who has a website any pet owner might be interested in checking out over at

Owning a dog involves expenses that cannot be ignored: purchase or adoption expenses, equipment and grooming, and veterinary fees. The cost of a three month old pure bred puppy, for instance, does not depend on its size but on its breed. Your initial outlay can be quite large; it depends on the place of sale and the quality of the dog.

As for equipment, (collar, leash, and so forth) prices vary with the size of the dog, the sophistication of the equipment, and the materials used. Differences between minimum and maximum costs can be considerable. Nonetheless once bought, many of these items will last the dog’s lifetime.

Apart from the collar and leash, other essentials include: case for carrying small breeds on public transportation; indoor bed or basket; food and water dishes; grooming equipment (single comb and rubber gloves for short haired dogs, brush and durable comb for long – haired dogs). Certain breeds require special grooming and should be professionally groomed at least four times a year.

In addition to the above, there are daily food costs which naturally, rise in proportion to the size of the dog. Veterinary expenses are difficult to anticipate since they depend on the animal’s basic health. However, there are some that are definite. For instance, a puppy should be examined by a specialist once a month for the first six months.

Most small dogs or toy breeds require dental attention twice a year. Then there are the optional operations of neutering or spaying. Cosmetic surgery, which is essential for certain breeds of show dogs, may include ear – cropping or tail docking, and sometimes both, in certain countries. Buying or adopting a dog is a serious step and you should never act on impulse or be swayed by pity. Before acquiring a dog, always make sure you obtain every available guarantee in writing.

Funny Pups Too!

My last post highlighted some of the cute kitty pics I found online. This time I wanted to share some of the puppy pics i found as well. Halloween is coming up soon and I think this site is quite appropriate for the season. Here is one of the photos from The Barkslope Dog Blog.

Cute Sleepy Kittens

While searching the net I came across and couldn't help but share this cute photo they had posted.

They have a bunch of great stuff over there! Check out some of the other cute sleepy kittens they have as well.

More Sleeping Kittens

Thursday, October 19

Feeding Your Pet

Growing pups are a hungry breed! It is important to develop a good diet for them including nutrients and minerals a standard mix of puppy food won't get them. Over at, I found a great article on what and how to feed your new puppy. Feeding: What-When-How Your Pet


Owning a Dog in the City

There are those of us who love our puppies and pets so much, we are willing to deal with the craziness of having them while we live in the city! Most people think we are nuts and most people hate seeing us in the park. FORGET THEM!!

Metrodog, written by Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson, is a great how-to on owning a dog in the big city. Here is an Amazon review of Metrodog:

They wag their tails, slobber, and romp just as enthusiastically as their suburban and country cousins, but city dogs are a breed apart. They live in high-rises, trot along bustling sidewalks, and play in crowded dog runs, so good manners with both canines and humans is imperative. In this thorough guide, Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson tell urban dog owners how to do everything from house training a puppy-when the sidewalk is 40 floors away and she has to go now-to preventing Rover from barking in a thin-walled studio apartment. Loaded with an arsenal of proven training tips, METRODOG is the book every dog owner in every metropolis must have-because bringing up a dog in the city should be a walk in the park!

Check out the book, definitely a favorite of mine!

Am I Ready for a Puppy?

Karen Peak over at, wrote a great article every potential pet owner should read before they jump into the wonderful world of animal friends. Basically, she focuses on what considerations to make before buying a pet. You have to ask yourself two things:

1) I am ready to have a puppy or dog?

2) What should I look for when picking out my pup?

I have provided the link below, so please check her out and let me know if you found it interesting!

Are You Ready for a Puppy or a Dog?
By Karen Peak

Sunday, October 15

Fat Cat Dog Toys

These little guys are the cutest toys I have ever seen! A friend of mine recently picked up the Fat Cat Crackler Dog Toys, and said that her puppy won't put them down!!

Here are some details of the product:

Colorful crackler toys from Fat Cat are made from a tough canvas material and includes a squeaker. Toy is lined inside with a crunchy fabric which makes an excellent Crackling noise. Set includes one of each Fat Cat Crackler dog toys; Frog Crackler, Skunk Crackler, Bird Crackler and the Catfish Crackler.

Take a look at them . . .

Fat Cat Dog Toys Your Dogs will get a Hoot out of these toys!

Saturday, October 14

Puppy Training Mistakes

I found this great article by Jill Badour on common mistakes pet owners make while training their puppy. Here is a little sample but check out the link to see more . . .

The story’s a familiar one: a person buys a cute puppy, and then takes him home only to find thathouse trainingg isn’t going well, the pup chews up expensive furniture, and then when the puppy grows up, he can be aggressive with people or other dogs.

In my practice as a professional puppy trainer, I’ve found that 99% of problems with a pup misbehaving boil down to these three basic mistakes:

Check out the rest at train-a-pup

Hello Fellow Pet Owners

Hey Fellow Pet Owners!!

My name is Lizzy Fischer. I have two dogs, a cat and an undying love for all of them!! As a pet owner I have been very disappointed with the quality pet products available. It often takes some digging up before you find anything good. So I am going to dig!!

As I do research on quality pet products on the market and the best deals associated with them, I will share my findings with you, my fellow pet lover!!

Please let me know if you have any suggestions on products or information. Please email me at:

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